Life Science/Biology

Life Science/Biology
Seventh grade science is a study of biology.  Below is a listing of the topics we will be covering.
  Often, in the science classroom, 7th graders will be working to complete labs (not of the virtual type).  With this type of learning, the student is expected to use technology to record, analyze, and draw conclusions, but the lab work itself will be done in the laboratory providing a true hands-on experience.  If a student is absent from school on a lab day, it is the student's responsibilty to meet with the teacher to make up the work.  Not all labs will be able to bemade up.
The following is a tentative outline of what the 2012-2013 year will cover for science.  It is by no means complete, and may deviate depending on "where the class takes us."
Seventh grade science will be a study of biology.  
  • The focus at the beginning of the year will be on developing scientific thinking and habits.  
  • We will move to the complexity of cells in both animal and plants.  And, once an understanding of cell structure is gained, students will be involved in a comparison of living organisms from a modern stand point and an evolutionary one.  
  • Genetics, heredity and the role of DNA will be investigated.
  • We will turn the focus to the human body with a comprehensive study of the systems that work to meet the needs of every life form.
  • Throughout the year we will be looking at the role of science and technology and how each has influenced society.